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I was born in Manchester and attended Oldham and Stockport art colleges

I helped to form the Embryo group of artists in the 1970s. This lead to exhibitions at Oldham, Stockport Warwick and Salford art galleries. After a successful career as a textile designers I started painting seriously again in 2003. My work is often on display in the Millyard Gallery in Uppermill and I have had exhibitions at the Brick Lane gallery London in 2009 and the Salve gallery in Leipzig Germany in 2012. My work is for sale on the Saatchi your gallery website both originals oil paintings and prints.

The urban world I live in is my subject matter, retail parks, motorways, subways, and airports.

These are the starting point of my paintings. I dont produce photographic copies. But use the subject as a starting point to create a unique image which has its own poetry.

oldham 767 brick Lane embrryo960 brick lane pic IMG_1179 LR millyard picture

The first Embryo show at Oldham Art gallery opened by the late Arthur Dooley. With the late

Danny Milne in the forground.

The programme for the exhibition in Oldham

designed Terry Rushworth

hunters lane IMG_1174

An exhibition at Hunters Lane gallery with Danny Milne in the foreground and Paul Wilson directly behind him.

Paul Wilsons work on show at the Brick Lane gallery London 2009.